When it comes to ensuring accuracy and minimizing risks of your most sensitive & critical information within the EUCs stored on Box, you’ll want to complement Box’s IT security with a layer of risk management protection that goes deeper, into the EUC files, to better mitigate your operational risks.

Many IT organizations are steadily moving from on-premises file storage to cloud-based and/or hybrid storage solutions. Box is playing a huge role in this migration.

With Box, corporate employees can reap the productivity benefits & convenience of anywhere access and file sharing, while organizations reduce their on-premises storage costs. Box cloud -based solutions can give organizations the fluidity and speed-to-market advantage that can drive true competitive differentiation.

At CIMCON, we regularly see high-profile data breaches that highlight the challenges involved in securing highly sensitive information within Excel spreadsheets and other end-user computing applications or EUCs. (You can read these stories on our LinkedIn page.) Uncontrolled access to files in the cloud can make it harder to manage their risks. In addition to having EUC risk management policies & implementing controls to files stored on premises – you must extend that to the cloud as well.

Do you know where your highest-risk EUCs are housed in your corporate environment? Are they on PCs, network drives, or in the cloud?

If your company uses Box for cloud content management, you can feel more comfortable knowing that you benefit from features to easily manage user access and sharing, thus, minimizing the risk of data loss. Box is secure – and much of the Fortune 500 trusts them with their files.

When it comes to ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors for the critical formulas & data within the EUCs stored on Box, you’ll want to complement Box’s information security with a control set that goes deeper, into the EUC files themselves. You’ll want cell-level visibility & controls in order to minimize the likelihood of costly errors and avoid audit points. You’ll want to prevent errors within those files. You’ll want reports and audit trails to document compliance with policies. And you’ll want it all automated, to save time and increase effectiveness.

CIMCON Software is pleased to announce EUC risk management capabilities for files stored on Box, including critical Excel spreadsheets and 25+ other types of EUCs. We give you full visibility so you can maintain a complete understanding of your highest-risk EUC assets – both on-premises and in the cloud. We automate your EUC controls so that you can have objective evidence proving that your users are in compliance with your EUC risk policies. We give you the capability to better protect your organization from EUC risks.

It’s easier than you think.

To learn more about CIMCON and how you can ensure the accuracy of your spreadsheets , download our white paper "The Spreadsheet Menace." And to learn more about how the CIMCON solution works with Box, visit the Box Marketplace.