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The Elated Financial Director

Steve's team finished  the month-end close ahead of schedule without any mistakes. This humorous 15-second video shows how he celebrates! 

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Imogen, The Happy Actuary

Imogen doesn't worry about errors in her models - she has automated controls!  This humorous 15-second video explains why she is so relaxed. 

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The Consequences of a $100 Million Spreadsheet Error

A small error in a spreadsheet can cause a very public material error. Easily find all your spreadsheet errors BEFORE you finalize your acquisition.

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Poor John's Spreadsheet Error

The consequences of trusting - but not verifying - that your spreadsheet has no errors. 

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The Excel Office Romance

Happy Valentine's Day -- This 15-second video is a  humorous, tongue -in-cheek tribute to you and your love affair with Excel!!

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