Due to the widespread usage of end-user computing applications (EUCs), also called user-developed applications or UDAs, to analyze, summarize and model data the inherent risks associated with these EUCs must be addressed.

These risks which include data integrity, accessibility, and security are risks that can have far-reaching effects on businesses and as such, internal auditors are charged with task of identifying and reviewing these risks as well as creating a method to audit these applications.

Given the importance of this task, The Institute of Internal Auditors published a guide called GTAG 14: Auditing User-developed Applications which provides guidance on the following:

Developing an internal audit of UDAs

Outlining issues that internal auditors should attend to when conducting audits

Providing an example UDA process flow, internal audit program and supporting worksheets to assist in the organization and implementation of an audit

Our products comply with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG) best practice standards for auditing UDAs.

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