Managed Services




What are CIMCON Managed Services?

Customers often grapple with a lack of trained resources for administering and managing their software implementation. Overburdened resources and frequent staff turnover makes matters worse.

This prevents customers from unlocking the full potential of the CIMCON software product and its benefits. Further, administering the software is only a part-time task and may not justify the cost of training a full-time employee for it.

CIMCON Managed Services are designed to address all of the above challenges.

How Does It Work?

While Managed Services can be tailored to the specific needs of each Customer, the standard offering will work as follows:

  • CIMCON will make a qualified software Subject Matter Expert (SME) available to you for an agreed upon period of time every week.
  • During this time, the SME will perform a system health check and ensure that all servers, databases and services are running optimally, and the system is configured to meet business needs.
  • Work with a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) at your end to modify or change any system configurations as needed. This includes new or modified users/groups, changing roles/privileges, compliance settings or any other configurations as needed.
  • Schedule a Help Desk or “Office Hours” session during this time that any business user who needs help or has specific questions can join. The CIMCON SME will answer any technical or functional question during this time (though this should not be considered a replacement for formal training.)

How Much Does it Cost?

Costs will be based on the size and scope of your implementation, as well as the term of the engagement.

Why Consider CIMCON Managed Services:

  • Reap the full benefit of the system and derive greater value from your software investment.
  • Drive improved user satisfaction and adoption.
  • Eliminate the necessity to fully train an inhouse resource, leaving them free to do other work.
  • Pre-empt issues before they happen.
  • Remove dependency on organizational changes or staff turn-over.
  • Worry free system maintenance and peace of mind.

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