Free White Paper: Taming the Spreadsheet Menace

Spreadsheet & EUC Risks

Why you should care & what you can do about it

Spreadsheets & other end-user controlled applications (EUCs) are core elements in most companies' financial reporting & operational processes. One inadvertent error can have material consequences and reflect badly on you.

It’s essential to guarantee accuracy & maintain integrity of these critical files. Critical EUCs are often interlinked systems, spreadsheets & data sources, and so it has become virtually impossible to manually find errors. How can you help your organization address this problem?

This white paper, "Taming the Spreadsheet Menace," was designed to give you an overview of everything you need to know about spreadsheet & EUC errors & risks and what to do about them:

  • What are the risk factors
  • Examples of material spreadsheet errors
  • Different ways to control your risks

Read the white paper "Taming the Spreadsheet Menace" today.

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