The Future of Spreadsheet, EUC and Model Risk Management

Public Webinar

Got (Error-Free) Spreadsheets?

Thursday, August 11, 2022 10am EDT 3pm BST

Most large organizations rely on spreadsheets for critical financial reporting. Though spreadsheets are error-prone and regularly cause financial, regulatory and reputational losses, having error-free spreadsheets is not elusive, difficult or expensive.

CIMCON’s XLAudit Plugin software is a quick, easy and visual solution that analyses over 60 logic criteria and identifies any errors, inconsistencies or potential problems in the spreadsheet. It detects broken links and performs a VBA code analysis. It also helps to identify input/output cells, generate design documentation, and document spreadsheet testing and audits. Your finance, accounting, tax, risk or audit teams will love this productivity tool that automates hours of manual and tedious tasks into seconds. To err is human but to error-check is smart!!

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