End-user computing applications are putting your business at risk. The question is “how much?”

Putting spreadsheets, analytics, models and other end-user controlled applications in the hands of your staff empowers them to perform. It also creates a myriad of opportunities for material errors and information security compromises.

At best, your staff spends hours manually checking their work, trying to spot their own mistakes. At worst, they don't check at all. You make bad decisions based on incorrect calculations, customer or other sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, or you might have to re-state your financials . . . the list goes on. 

Ineffective controls can cause:
  • Material errors
  • Restatement of financials
  • Fraud and/or data loss
  • Regulatory fines/penalties
What you can lose:
  • Reputation
  • Stock value
  • Sensitive information
  • Revenue/market share

CIMCON enables you to virtually eliminate the risks

Our solutions enable you to automatically identify the location and magnitude of the risks inherent in your end-user computing applications and give you the tools to minimize them in a way consistent with your company's risk management policy.

  • Uncover hidden errors in models and Excel™ spreadsheets
  • Maintain version control and data integrity
  • Detect file corruption in file shares, Access™ or SharePoint repositories
  • Detect information security risks with unauthorized storage of critical/private data (Payment Card Information (PCI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or Protected Health Information (PHI)
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XLAdudit Central
  • Automate spreadsheet error detection
  • Parallel processing enables higher productivity
  • Accessible to all users, teams & departments
EUC Inventory Cloud
  • Model inventory & EUC inventory are supported
  • No installation, software-as-a-service
  • Configurable risk questionnaire and attestation form


How to Reduce Excel Errors in Your Closing & Budgeting Processes Thursday, January 24 @ 2pm ET

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