EUC Policy

End User Computing or EUCs, refers to applications that are created and managed by end users to meet a business need. Since EUCs often do not undergo a rigorous a development and test process, they pose a high risk to the business and frequently lead to financial losses, penalties, reduction in stock price, or even reputational loss.

The first step to taking control of your EUCs and reducing their risk is to prepare an EUC Policy that establishes governance and control guidelines and procedures for managing EUCs, and communicates these to all stakeholders in business, risk and internal audit.

With 25 years of experience helping clients reduce EUC Risk, CIMCON can help you develop such a Policy based on industry best practices. Optionally, the EUC Policy can be linked to CIMCON’s best-of-breed EUC solution resulting in automated policy compliance, user adoption, and sustainable controls over the long term.

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