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Cell Conceal

Protect your data with Cell Conceal

Whether you need to share data with partners or within your organization, keep your sensitive data safe with Cell Conceal™.


Cell Conceal is an add-in that gives you the ability to encrypt or redact cells within your Excel spreadsheets so you can share them without worrying about jeopardizing sensitive data.


It also helps you comply with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CPNI, COPPA, FACTA, FCRA, PCI DSS, and other Data Privacy Acts.


Encryption ensures that shared data can't be read by the wrong people. It's reversible, allowing those with the correct password to decrypt the cells, so they can be read or edited, while it keeps your data safe from those without authorization.


Whether you need to protect data for legal, regulatory or security reasons, redaction allows you to censor or obscure data in a spreadsheet.  This is helpful when you need to share a file with others but need to keep certain cells from view. With Cell Conceal you can do this instantly and permanently.

These functions are easily accessible through a single button located on the Excel toolbar in Office 365 and Excel 2016 onwards.
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