About CIMCON and Alteryx Partnership

The Alteryx platform plays a critical role in business operations and decision-making. Hence, it is often considered as an End User Computing (EUC) application similar to spreadsheets, Access databases, Python, R and SQL scripts that allow end users to create powerful applications. Thus, it is good practice to implement an EUC Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) program around the use of Alteryx to reduce business risks from uncontrolled changes and errors.

CIMCON Software’s EUC Insight software is a fully integrated EUC Risk Management platform that is designed to reduce risk across the full Alteryx life cycle to mitigate financial, regulatory, and reputational risk.


  • Maintain an inventory of all Alteryx workflows and track ownership, purpose, business process where used, and reviews/approvals.
  • Monitor changes with real-time audit trails and alerts, while using visual comparisons to see changes.
  • Understand all data sources and enterprise lineage for all Alteryx workflows.
  • Scan your network to discover all Alteryx workflows and gain high level insights into your Alteryx landscape.
  • Perform automated risk assessments and data categorization by policy.
  • Management reporting and dashboards.

Discovery Module

Scan your network to understand your Alteryx workflow landscape, view enterprise data sources/lineage, and perform risk assessments.

Inventory Module

Maintain an inventory of Alteryx workflows with customizable forms that track ownership and usage, and allows periodic re-attestation.

Change Management Module

Monitor Alteryx workflows with audit trails, and alerts for high risk changes. Visually compare two Alteryx workflows.