About CIMCON and Alteryx Partnership

The Alteryx platform plays a critical role in business operations and decision-making. Hence, it is often considered an End User Computing (EUC) application similar to Spreadsheets, Access databases, Python, R, SAS, and SQL scripts that allow end users to create powerful applications. Thus, it is prudent to implement an End User Computing (EUC)Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) program around the use of Alteryx to reduce business risks from uncontrolled changes and errors.


CIMCON Software’s EUC Insight software is a fully integrated EUC Risk Management platform that is designed to reduce risk across the full Alteryx life cycle to mitigate financial, regulatory, and reputational risk. . Customers may pick and choose any or all of the following modules:

  • Discovery Module: Scan your network to gain an understanding of your Alteryx workflow landscape, perform an automated risk assessment, and view enterprise lineage of your data flows.
  • Inventory Module: Maintain an inventory of Alteryx workflows with an unlimited number of associated metadata fields that are completely customizable. Track the status of each workflow and automatically send alerts for periodic re-attestation.
  • Change Management Module: Monitor Alteryx workflows for changes, and capture a full audit trail of changes. Send email alerts for high risk changes, and if desired, implement an automated Review and Approval process for such changes.


CIMCON Software provides the industry's most comprehensive and integrated EUC Risk Management platform and is used by over 500 clients across 30 countries. CIMCON solutions may be deployed on-premises or in the Cloud.